Snowman Foods Solution-Snowman was established in November 2016. The full name of the project is "The implementation of modern technology in the field of freezing, packing and portioning meat". The plant is approved for trade in the European Union and to third countries under the number PL10041101WE. We have implemented two quality systems in the plant - International Food Standard IFS and British Retail Certificate BRC. The production is based on the HACCP, GHP and GMP systems. The plant is certified for HALAL production and has export approvals to over 100 countries. It employs people from the local community to help the region's economic and social development.


We have three production departments in our company: 

  • 1. We pack fresh goods and freeze them in less than 24 hours at -34C. We pack products in naked blocks, polyblocks, blocks in a bag or blocks in a carton. We can pack the products with our LEO MEAT brand, private label of our clients or in plain cartons.
  • 2. We portion the meat into 1 to 5 cm cubes, strips, for example 1x1x5 cm, flakes 2 to 6 mm thick, stamps - mainly 5x5x0.4 cm. The goods are IQF and we can pack them in bags from 1 to 10 kg or in a carton.
  • 3. We have a cold store for 2,800 pallets, stored at -21C, which extends the shelf life of our products. We load the goods on pallets or in bulk.


We have implemented HACCP, BRC, IFS systems and the HALAL Certificate.

We are approved to export products to third countries such as:
  • Angola - AO
  • The Republic of Benin - BJ
  • The Gabonese Republic - GA
  • The Republic of Gambia - GM
  • The Republic of Ghana - GH
  • The Republic of Guinea-Bissau - GW
  • The Republic of Equatorial Guinea - GQ
  • The Republic of Haiti - HT
  • The Republic of Honduras - HN
  • The Republic of Cameroon - CM
  • The Union of Comoros - KM
  • The Republic of the Congo - CG
  • Kosovo - XK
  • The Republic of Liberia - LR
  • Macau - MO
  • The Republic of Madagascar - MG
  • The Republic of Mauritius - MU

  • The Republic of Mozambique - MZ
  • The Togolese Republic - TG
  • Turkmenistan - TM
  • The Republic of Niger - NE
  • Ivory Coast – CI
  • The Republic of Serbia – RS
  • Special Administrative Region
    Hong Kong - HK
  • The Republic of Uzbekistan – UZ 
  • The Republic of Azerbaijan – AZ 
  • Georgia – GE 
  • The Republic of Moldova – MD 
  • The Republic of Albania – AL
  • The Republic of Macedonia – MK 
  • Montenegro – ME 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – BA


Snowman Foods Solution Sp. z o. o. 
Walew 29, 
99-107 Daszyna Polska